Clothing Info – Thursday + Friday

Please note that students may wear Christmas clothing tomorrow as well.  This was a decision made since the Highschool is having dress up days this week and we want to avoid confusion between grades.  So, either the uniform or Christmas clothing is fine for tomorrow.

On Friday please send your child in comfortable play clothes. They will be wearing an angel costume (provided for them) for the Christmas program.  Doors will open at 10:00, with the concert beginning at 10:30.  We will dismiss for Christmas holidays at the end of the presentation!

Wishing you and your family a very special Christmas season!


Gingerbread Hunt

We had an exciting morning in Kindergarten today!  After our gingerbread cookies disappeared we followed clues around the school to try to find them.  They eventually turned up again in our classroom.  We enjoyed decorating and eating them!  Yum!

Christmas Concert Info

This year the K-3 students will be performing a Christmas musical called “Starlight”.

1. While some students in Ms. Rast’s and Mrs. VanLeeuwen’s classes will be wearing specific character costumes, all other students Gr. 1, 2 and 3 will form a choir of stars in the dark night sky. They are asked to wear:

      a. Bottoms: navy blue or black pants or skirt and tights. HRA uniform pants are acceptable.

      b. Tops: navy blue or black long-sleeved tops. HRA uniform sweatshirts are acceptable.

      c. Avoid: any other colour of clothing, including white and grey.

2. Kindergarten students will be provided angel costumes and halos that the school already owns.

3. Mrs. Shinness will contact the families of specific characters in grades 2/3 and 3 directly for costume suggestions to match their characters.

Students need to arrive at school on the morning of the concert (Friday December 16) wearing their navy blue/black full attire. Costumed characters may also arrive in their costumes, as help getting changed will not be available. Kindergarten teachers will assist their students putting angel costumes over the clothes that they come to school in. Uniform is not required on the day of the concert for K-3 students.

If you have any questions, please email Mrs. Shinness at

Thank you!

Family Homework

Our theme for the month of November and December is Families.  Today in your child’s folder you will find a green paper titled, Grandparent’s Interview.  I am hoping that this can be a fun activity over the holidays to complete with one of your child’s grandparents.  It can been returned in the New Year.

I am looking forward to learning more about each of our families in the weeks to come!

Bible Memory

We have started a memory verse for the month of December.  A copy of it came home in your child’s folder today.  It is Luke 2:10-11.  Please put it in a safe place and review it with your child.  We will also review it daily at school.  They will be tested on it before Christmas holidays begin.