2D Shapes

We’ve been learning about 2d shapes in Math.  Today the children were given toothpicks and mini marshmallows and asked to see how many different shapes they could build!  There were some challenges, lots of perseverance and some excellent math thinking!  Well done, Kindies!

Plant Project

This week our class started a special project.  We learned all about plant needs and then each child got to choose a plant of their very own!

Each boy and girl will take care of their plant until the end of Kindergarten and then will get to bring it home. Here are some pictures of us and our new plant buddies..  I’m so sorry that most are sideways!

The cost of the plant and pot is $5 per child.  If you are able, please send this amount in your child’s folder in the next week.  Thank you so much!  I am looking forward to all that we will learn through this exciting project!

Photo Retakes

Photo retakes will be taking place on Tuesday, October 25th.  You may have noticed that this is the same day we are going on our pumpkin patch field trip.  If you would like your child to have their photo retaken please send them to school in their uniform and send along a change of clothes for the pumpkin patch.  I will make sure they have a chance to change out of their uniform before we leave on our field trip at 11:10 a.m.

Fall Objects Homework

I hope that you and your family had a wonderful weekend.  Fall is such a spectacular season!  Our class has been interested in the seasonal changes going on and are going to be investigating the colours of Fall in the next couple of weeks.  So, I have a little assignment for you.  Would you help your child choose an object from nature that shows one of the colours of fall?  It could be a red leaf, a brown acorn, a yellow squash, an orange mini pumpkin etc.  You can send as many objects as you’d like.  We will use these objects to investigate and later sort.  Thanks so much for your help with this!


Thank you for sending in your apples for this week’s “mystery recipe”!

Bowen and Jacob’s moms helped the children peel, core, and slice the apples.  Thank you!



It made a big pot.

Next, we added some sugar, cinnamon, and water and let it cook.

The children had some guesses about what we were making: apple crisp, apple cake, apple whoopie pies, candy apples, apple pie, and apple sauce.  We had to wait until the afternoon to find out.

Ta da: It was applesauce!

The children all tried it and then reported if they liked it or not.


I sent the recipe home in case you’d like to make a batch of your own.

Memory Verse

This year the primary students at Highroad will all be working on the same bible memory verses.  Older students will be expected to learn a bit more of the passage and younger students will learn less. We will keep the same verse for the month, testing for memorization and understanding at the end of the month.  This month Kindergarten students will be learning Psalm 23:1, The Lord is my shepherd, I shall not want.  Thank you for helping review this verse at home.

Volunteer(s) Needed

As you know, our class will be making a “mystery apple recipe” next Wednesday.  It will be very exciting!  I am looking for one or two parents to help us with this activity between 9 and 10.  If you are available and interested and have your criminal records check done, please email me and let me know.   My email is dmorris@highroadacademy.com

Thank you so much!

Have a wonderful, blessed Thanksgiving weekend!

Mystery Recipe

Next week we will be making a “mystery recipe” on Wednesday and will need each child to contribute an apple for this activity. Would you mind sending an apple to school on Tuesday? Thanks so much!