December Dates

Here we are in the month of December already!  Our classroom has been decorated and the Christmas crafting has begun.  We are learning about God’s great gift of Jesus, the very best thing about this Christmas season!


Here are some important dates for the month ahead:

December 1 – Salvation Army Food Drive Begins.  Please see the previous blog post and/or school emails for further information on this opportunity to provide for those less fortunate in our community.

December 15 – Christmas Sweater Dress Up Day + Filming of K-3 Christmas concert

See note below from Mrs. Shinness, our music teacher and for information on what our Kindies will be performing for the concert in case you’d like to practise at home.

December 17 – Last half day of school before Christmas holidays begin.  We will be dismissing at 11:30 AM


A note from Mrs. Shinness:

Wednesday Dec. 15 is Christmas Sweater Day at Highroad.  This is perfect for our annual Christmas Concert performance.  Many students have asked, “But what if I don’t have a Christmas sweater?”.  Good question.  Here are the options for the Christmas concert:

  1. a long-sleeved Christmas themed Tshirt, sweatshirt or sweater
  2. a long-sleeved plain T-shirt, sweatshirt or sweater
  3. a long-sleeved Tshirt, sweatshirt or sweater turned inside out, if there is a design that doesn’t fit our Christmas theme.

Any choice of jeans or dark pants/skirts are preferable to complete the students’ ensemble.


NOTE: we hope that every student has one of these options, as we would like to avoid having one or two students stand out from the class because they are wearing their uniform for this concert.


Kindergarten Selection:

Hush, Shhh There a Baby


words match video:

actions match video:


verse 1:

Hush! SHHH! There’s a baby,

Ooh!  Aaah! In the manger

Hush! SHHH! Baby Jesus,

Ooh!  Aaah! there’s a danger

that we’ll wake this sleepy boy

he’s such Good News we jump with joy



We want to Sing! with the Angels, heavenly sound!

Shout! with the shepherds:

tell what we’ve found,

Worship with the wise men bow right down!

Jesus is born and he’s such Good News (repeat)


repeat verse 1:

repeat chorus: 2 times


We want to shout and sing and worship the king! (3 times)

Jesus is born and he’s such Good News (repeat)

We want to …Shhhhh

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