Last Week, return school supplies

Dear parents,

The last week of Kindergarten is here. A time to reflect. A time to celebrate. A time to look forward to something new.

Return School supplies: there are two options to return the extra supplies that you still have at home. 1) if your child is in school, send them with your child, 2) if you are learning at home, have them ready for me to pick up on Tuesday.

Supplies includes: dry erase marker, pencil, eraser, pouch that held all the worksheets. (Things you can keep if you want are: the sorting tray, zip lock bag with items in it, page protector with lined paper, crayons, marble maze)

Here an overview of the week like I mentioned in the email on Friday:

For kids in school: Monday we will take a time to recognize our students as Kindie Grads at the end of the day. The plan is for us to come outside around 2pm with our little grad hats (no gowns) and sit on the benches (or under the cover if the weather is not cooperating), have a time to recognize each student. Parents if you want to come to take some pictures, you are welcome to do so. After this, you are free to take your child home (if the weather is too wet we might have to go back in to collect the backpacks)

For kids at home: On Tuesday I plan to do a drive through at your place with the grad hat and art book and some other goodies for your child. I will email an approximate schedule to you. That would be the time to hand back the school supplies to me.

Wednesday is our 100 day and kids that are coming to school are welcome to dress up as a 100 year old person. This is also our last day of school and we will have a freeze at the end of the day. Parents of home learners, if you want your child to have a time on a video call with us in school, let me know and I will see what I can do with sending you a link to connect to us at school. The art book and other school work will be sent home that day, so make sure you have empty hands to help your child carry things to the car. 🙂

Ready, set, let’s go into this last week!



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