Back to school after the snow week

Dear families,


I hope you all enjoyed these snow days that turned into a snow week for our ptk class! We will have to take some time on Monday to hear the kids’ snow stories as I’m sure there are many 🙂   In our house there were tears for so many canceled schooldays. There was joy too as we had time for activities that usually don’t get much attention during a full school week like drawing, knitting, and we also brought out the sewing machine (my girls helped me making marble mazes for our classroom – in picture below).

Here are the happenings for this coming week, besides us discovering what some of the animals do during the cold winter:

  • Monday January 20 is our field trip to the Wayland Gymnastics. Students can wear play clothes (they can wear the knight shirt if they want but it is not required). Our bus will leave right at 9:05 and we will come back at 10:30. Parents feel free to come and watch but younger siblings can’t participate.
  • Tuesday, January 21 Mrs. Goosen & Mrs. Riley’s Grade 5 class will be hosting the bake sale in the school lobby that they had to postpone due to the snow days.  The money raised will be used to purchase composting bins for the intermediate classrooms and support the Guatemala missions team. All items will be $1.  Thank you for your support!
  • Wednesday, January 22 we will have Welcome Wednesday again and Bible verse N will be tested.

Have a blessed Sunday and we’ll see you on Monday

Mrs. Ellis


(there is a marble in each fabric maze that can be pushed and pressed around- a simple activity that my kids like and maybe yours will as well 🙂 )



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