December is here! Knights Shirts, Christmas Concert, please read on

Dear Parents,

this was our last week in November and December is here. YAY!

Thank you all for doing the homework sheet with your kindergartener. All students had time to share and show their picture. It is so fun for them to share and hear how each family enjoyes different things. This week we talked about helping hands in our family and in the journal, the students drew things they help you out at home. The page that was sent home in your folder can help to stir on some conversations along these lines as well. Of course there is room for a picture on the back if your child wants to add a colourful touch. We will take time again to share with the class and encourage these helping hands.

I have a stack of knights shirts, one for each of our class member. These are t-shirts with the Highroad logo which the other classes get to wear on the designated Knights Days. Since Knights Days are on Fridays we usually don’t get a chance to wear these shirts. From now on we will be able to have our own Knights Days so watch for posts on the blog about this. I will send the t-shirts home along with the folder on Monday.

On Monday December 9th (not this coming up Monday but the following week), we are going to the Wayland Sports Gymnastics and the kids will wear casual clothes for that day. If they want to wear their new knights shirt they are welcome to, but this is not mandatory.

Looking forward to the Christmas concert I have some additional things for your calendar. Our last day in PTK before Christmas break is December 18th, however we are also participating in the Christmas Concert with the other primary classes and therefore will be part of the dress rehearsal and concert on Thursday, December 19th. The dress rehearsal is from 9:15- 10:15. For the concert, the students should be dropped off in the classroom by 12:30 (they should have had their lunch at that point). During the concert, while our class is not on stage, we will sit as a class together in the same row. At the end of the concert the students can be picked up in the class room most likely around 2pm.

Also during December I would like to give opportunity for some of you to share family holiday traditions you do with your family, that might be new to others. I will be sharing some of my Swiss traditions with the class as well. If you would be interested in coming in to the kindergarten one morning or afternoon please let me know and we can plan further details together.

Stay warm on these windy days and enjoy the pictures from this lovely bunch.

Mrs. Ellis