Primary Christmas Program

The primary department is excitedly preparing for our Christmas program.  It will be held on Thursday,  December 20 at 1 o’ clock in the main auditorium.   Feel free to invite grandparents or other loved ones to this event. The part time Kindies don’t usually attend school on a Thursday so this will be a bit out of the norm for us.   We are asking that you drop your child off at our classroom by 12:30 so that we can get ourselves ready.  The program should be over by 2 o’clock and Christmas Holidays will officially begin!

Our class will be stars.  Please dress your child in black from top to bottom.  We will provide a glittery star headband.

Our class has been working with Mrs. Caswell on learning two songs.  She will be picking a few students for a solo part.  If your child volunteered for this you will find a sheet with the words for Look Up in your child’s folder.  Feel free to look it up on youtube and help them learn the bracketed section.

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