First Nations Day

Tuesday will be our first annual First Nations Day in the primary Department.  The children will rotate through each classroom during the course of the day to learn about various aspects of the First Nations culture: games, music, and art.  Students will also meet Mrs. Frieda George, an acclaimed Salish weaver, and will all contribute to a weaving project under her guidance.

Those students who Ordered bannock will get to try a special First Nations food for lunch.  Pizza will also be available to order in the morning.

It should be a fun day!  See you soon!

Spelling Words

I love this time of year in Kindergarten!  It’s so exciting to see how much the children have learned since the start of the year.  They’ve worked hard on printing letters and learning their sounds.  Now it’s time to use those sounds to make words!  Yay!  We  will be practising 5 spelling words each week.  Don’t worry.  There won’t be any test!  We just review our 5 words each day, stretching out the word to hear each sound.  Our 5 words this week are top, and, cat, red, & but.  We print them in our spelling duotang and also use magnets to spell them during centers.

Home Reading

Every year after Spring Break I start a home reading incentive program to encourage my Kindies to read books with their family members at home.  A reading log will be coming home today in your child’s red folder.  Please keep it in a safe place for the month of April.  Each day that someone in your family reads with your child for 10 minutes (either your child reading or being read to) have them colour in one of the pictures.  At the end of the month your child can bring in their paper and get a prize!  Please don’t worry if you don’t get all of the pictures coloured by the end of the month.  Send it in anyways!  We’ll start a new reading log in the months of May and June.  Happy reading!