Christmas Program Details

Our little class has been selected to be “barnyard animals” for the Christmas program on Thursday, December 21st (1-2 pm).  I will be dividing the children into three groups: sheep, pigs, and cows.  The sheep will need to wear either a solid black or solid white t-shirt with black (or dark) bottoms.  The pigs will need to wear pink tops and bottoms.  The cows will be asked to bring in a solid white (or black) t-shirt ahead of time.  We will “cow-i-fy” it and return it to you.  For the performance the cows will wear this t-shirt and black (or dark bottoms).  Each child will be provided with a sheep/pig/cow headband on the day of the concert.

If you have a preference for which animal you would like your child to be please email me this weekend at  Otherwise, I will be letting you know on Monday so that you can begin rounding up what you need for their costume.

Our poem for the concert is:

Once upon a noisy night

The animals all gathered ’round

To worship Christ with all their might!

It was quite the sound!


Mary shook her head and cried,

“This is such a zoo!

With all the animals inside

What’s a mom to do?”


But no one could be silent

At such a wondrous sight!

Baby Jesus, fast asleep

On such a NOISY NIGHT!

We will be practicing it at school in the next two weeks and would love it if you could also review it at home.  To make things easier I will be suspending bible memory verses until the new year.  Thanks so much for all you do!

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