Soup Picnic

On October 31 the highschool foods class will be cooking a soup picnic lunch for us with veggies from our HRA garden. The students will be served a bowl of chicken noodle and vegetable soup and a bun with butter. The foods class is asking that our Kindie class bring in carrots to add to the soup. They will be cooking on Thursday, October 26th. If you are able to bring a carrot on or before October 26th, please let me know! Also, October 31st is a pizza Tuesday so pizza will be available that day as well.


Today we had lots of pumpkin fun!  First, we studied our pumkin and drew a picture of it.


Next, we measured it with cubes.

Later in the morning we sorted our pumpkins (stems/no stems, big/little) and used our 5 senses to describe our pumpkins.

In Bible we learned how God is like a farmer who picks a special pumpkin (us), cleans it up (sin), carves a happy face (gives us joy), and puts a light inside (so we can shine His love).

We had fun exploring the slimy pumpkin insides!

We also tried hammering golf tees into a pumpkin in our sensory table.

Yay, for pumpkins!

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