Pumpkin Patch Volunteers

Thank you to all who offered to help on Tuesday’s field trip.  I have Ginny Klassen, Chantelle Munro, Heidi Lueck, and Leah Riley helping to lead a small group of children.  These parents will not need to pay admission but any other parents and siblings over 3 will need to pay $9 (I believe) upon arrival at the farm.  Parents can meet us at the Corn Maze at 9:30 am.  We will be getting back on the bus at 11:30 to head back to the school.  Our pumpkins will come with us and will stay at school for one extra day so that we can do some fun math and science activities with them.

What to Wear this Week

Monday: full dress uniform + a smile 😀 for Picture Day.

Tuesday: play clothes + appropriate footwear and jacket for Corn Maze field trip.  Could you also send along a plastic bag (maybe doubled) labelled with your child’s name?  Just tuck it into a pocket in their jacket.  Thanks!

Wednesday: Full dress uniform (cuz that’s what we wear on Wednesdays!)