Next week our full day Kindie schedule will begin.  Your child’s week will include visits to the library, gym, and music room.  I wanted to make you aware of some of the special people that will play a role in your child’s days here at school.

Mrs. Ujlaky is our wonderful classroom helper.  She works in our class between 9-3 every day that the part timers come to school (Monday – Wednesday).

Mrs. Caswell teaches the Kindies Music.  On Mondays we will visit her in the Garage (a classroom above the gym) in the afternoons and on Tuesdays she will teach us Music first thing in the morning in our classroom.

Mrs. Britz is our library teacher.  Our class will visit her in the library on Tuesdays in the afternoon.

Our class enjoys two PE classes each week (Tuesday morning and Wednesday afternoon) with the full time Kindergarten class.  Mrs. Larsson and I alternate leading these sessions.

What a wonderful list of caring teachers!  Your child is blessed!

Important Dates in September

Important Dates this Month:

Thursday, September 14 – Individual Student Photos

Since the part time Kindie class is not at school on Thursdays it has been suggested that our class be photographed on retake day, Monday, October 16th, instead.   Alternately, you can choose to bring your child in on Thursday of next week (preferably in the morning between 8:30 and 9:00).

Please dress your child in their full dress uniform for photo day.  For the boys that is their button down oxford shirt and their cardigan.  Since it is a head and shoulders shot it shouldn’t matter if they are wearing long pants or shorts!  Girls should wear their button down blouse, tunic, and cardigan.

Monday, September 18 – HRA Parent Welcome Night (6:30 pm)

Parents are invited to come out to learn about the school, the year ahead, and meet their child’s teacher.  I hope to see you there!

Wednesday, September 27 – Knight Day

The last Wednesday of each month is Knight Day, a chance for students to show their school spirit and support our school sports teams.  All Highroad students are allowed to wear casual bottoms and their Knight t-shirt on this day if they would like instead of their uniform.  Kindie students will be provided with a free Knight t-shirt.  I will be sending those home in the next week or so.  Go Knights!