We have butterflies!  Yes, our cute little caterpillars, Lovebug, Jetman, Cutie, Rocket, Angel, and Flutter, have all made their miraculous transformations into beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies!  Feel free to come in a have a peak.  We will be releasing them in the HRA garden on Thursday.

Grade One

Tomorrow our class will be visiting Ms. Evan’s grade one classroom for 1/2 hour after recess.  I have explained to the children that this does not mean that they will all be in her class next year.  It is simply an opportunity to get a feel for what Grade One might be like.  I know that it will be a positive experience and hope that it will help to make the transition in September a little less worrisome for the Kindie students.

Kindie Grad

Can you believe this year is almost over?  Where has the time gone?  I cannot believe how much the children have learned this year.  We are so looking forward to celebrating our year of learning at our Kindergarten Celebration on Thursday, June 22.  Outside the classroom I have a snack sign up sheet.  Please take a look and see if there is something on the list you would like to bring.  We are planning to have a time of fun and snacks after our program is over.  We plan to begin the program at 9:15 in the Chapel but you will need to drop off your Kindie in the classroom at the usual time, 9 am.  They will be wearing a white gown for the ceremony and do not need to wear their uniform underneath.  Something cool and comfortable would be best.  The program should last about an hour and then you are invited to stay for refreshments and some photos, if desired.  Your child will be dismissed to leave with you when you are ready and that will be the end of our Kindergarten year.