Grandparents’ Tea

On the afternoon of April 27th Highroad will be hosting our third annual Grandparents’ Tea.  On Thursday your child brought home an invitation in their folder.  If you would like an extra copy for another set of grandparents please let me know.  We hope that every child will have at least one grandparent in attendance.  If  this is not possible for your child, another family relative or friend would also be wonderful.  The afternoon will include  a special tea for guests, some class presentations, and classroom visits.

Service Day

Happy Easter Monday!  I hope you have been enjoying a wonderful weekend with your loved ones, celebrating Jesus’ gift of salvation, redemption, and love.  He is risen!

This Wednesday is our annual Service Day for K-6 Highroad students.   It is always a great opportunity for children to look beyond themselves to see how they can bless others.  Our class will be walking over to the school garden where Mrs. Johnsrude will put us to work for half an hour or so.  We are hoping for nice weather but will go rain or shine.  Please dress your child appropriately.  Play clothes that can get a little dirty, rubber boots and a hooded jacket would be great!

If you would like to join us please let me know.  I should know by Tuesday what time of the day we’ll be going.