Special Helper

Starting this week the children in our class will have the opportunity to be Mrs. Morris’s special helper for the day.  The special helper gets to do awesome jobs like handing out supplies, choosing quiet sitters, and leading our lineups down the hallway.  You will know that it’s your child’s turn to be the special helper the next school day when they come home with a black canvas show and tell bag.  Inside the show and tell bag you will find a duotang with instructions for what to bring.  We will begin the year by choosing items that begin with certain letters of the alphabet.  Please help your child write down three clues about their item and we will try to guess what it is.  We will follow in alphabetical order by first name (sorry Zachary!) and each child will get many opportunities throughout the year to have a turn.

Pencil Grip

Last week the children began working on printing some phonograms (o and c so far) and numbers (1 and 2).  We worked on holding our marker with a proper pencil grip.  We used the words pinch, flip, and pillow to help us.  Here’s a quick video to explain:


10 Great Badges

By now your child has gotten quite a collection of great badges at home.  Soon they will be ready to bring them back for a prize!   When they have 10 please help your child put them in a small ziplock bag with your child’s name and locate their envelope in the great badge basket at the front of the class:


Help your child place their bag of great badges inside and place the envelope on my desk.  They will get their prize later on in the day.

I am hoping to make some more great badges in the next month and am looking for some juice lids to do so.  I would love any donations of lids that you might have for us!  Thanks so much!

Coming Up this Week

Wednesday – Knight Day:  Students may wear their red or black “Knights t-shirt” with casual bottoms (eg. Jeans).

Thursday – Toonies for Terry:  We will be learning a little bit about one of our Canadian heroes, Terry Fox, and will be running a lap around the field in memory of his marathon of hope.  You are welcome to send along a toonie donation towards cancer research.