April Happenings

Here we are back from Spring Break and in the final stretch of the school year!  There’s a lot happening this month so get your pencil ready and mark these dates on your calendar:

April 5 – Stranger Danger topic in our K-3 Assembly

April 13 – Cowboy Dress Up Day

April 19 – Service Day

April 27 – Knight Day and Fieldtrip to Maan Farm

April 28 – Class Photo

Details will follow where needed.  Stay tuned!

This month we will also be starting a weekly spelling routine.  Don’t worry; there won’t be any tests!  Each week the children will be given a list of 5 spelling words that we will practice in class, learning how to stretch out each word and find the first, middle, and last sounds.  These words will become the base of our sight word collection that we will read to ourselves regularly.  Please continue to work with your child if they don’t yet know most of their single letter phonograms by this point.  It is very exciting to be at this stage where the children can see how they can use their knowledge of individual sounds to make words!

This week’s words are:







Memory Verse:

The children will be tested on their Q verse on Tuesday (Quietly wait for salvation from the Lord – Lamentations 3:26) and will begin the R verse (Rejoice in the Lord always – Psalm 33:1)

Thank you for your continued home support.  Together we make a great team 🙂


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