Kindie Shoes

Recently, the policy of inside/outside shoes has come up for discussion. It seems that this long-standing routine originated during the years that kindergarten was taught in the “Kindie House,” now used for the preschool. Since we are now in the main building it would make sense that the Kindies follow the same procedures as the other primary children. So, it has been decided that we, like the other classes, will change our shoes only for gym. Our inside shoes will now be used for gym purposes and our outside shoes will be used at all other times. The exception to this would be winter or rain boots. These can be worn to school and changed into for recess and lunch but cannot be worn in the classroom. If you would like your child to wear boots outside then they will need to change into their school shoes before entering the classroom. We are looking forward simplifying the daily routines of our Kindie day and appreciate your understanding in this matter.