Jackets, Please!

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Please make sure that your child has a jacket for school each day.  The children are sent outside as much as possible for recess and lunch to allow them to get some fresh air and room to run, climb, and play.
These Fall days are often chilly, windy or wet.  We avoid going outside on rainy days but do send the children out if it is lightly drizzling.   A hooded jacket is a great option.  As winter approaches and the cold weather comes your child will also appreciate a toque, scarf, and a pair of mitts.  Thanks for helping us stay warm and dry!

Spell to Write and Read Parent Seminar

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The primary teachers are putting together a parent seminar on Wednesday, November 21 between 3:15 and 4:15 for parents who would like to better understand our language arts program.  It is recommended that all parents attend so that you will be able to support your little learner at home.  There will be childcare available but we are asking parents to sign up their children for this.  I will have a sign up sheet outside of our classroom this week.  Please indicate how many children you’d like supervised along with their ages.  Thanks!

Garage Sale Fundraiser

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As a primary department we have been looking for ways for our children to give back and to serve their community, and this year we have decided that we will hold a Garage Sale! The Garage Sale will be held at the beginning of December, so between now and then we are looking for our primary families to donate any toys or games that they no longer want. So, as you think about cleaning up and clearing out your playroom before Christmas, consider what you can donate. Donations may be given to classroom teachers. Please only send items that work, and that are in good condition. The money we raise will be donated to the Ann Davis House.


Popcorn Party!

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For the last few weeks our class has been working on building our “read to self” stamina.  We have talked about the 3 ways to read: 1) read the words 2) read the pictures and 3) retell a familiar story.  We have also talked about our rules for “read to self’ time: 1) find your spot quickly 2) stay in your spot 3) read quietly and 4) read the whole time.  The first time we tried we only lasted 40 seconds!  But, we’ve kept trying and…today we met our goal of 15 minutes!  So, tomorrow we will celebrate with a movie (Franklin) and popcorn!  Yay!  Well done, Kindies!

Lockdown Drill

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Today our school practiced a lockdown drill.  Our class read a book that explained why we do this.  We learned that just like we practice safety in other areas of life (looking both ways when we cross the road to keep us safe from cars, washing our hands to keep us safe from germs etc) we practice being safe at school to protect us from anything that might be happening in our neighborhood or school (maybe a lion has escaped from the zoo!).  Just before lunchtime we heard an alarm and we quickly and quietly went to our designated area in our room (behind the word work shelf) and sat silently until Ms. Evans came and released us.  The kids did great!  I was so proud of how well did their two jobs: listening and being still and silent.


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Today we had some fun with pumpkins!

In Bible we learned how God is like a farmer who picks a special pumpkin (us), cleans it up (our sins), carves a happy face (gives us joy), and puts a light inside (so we can shine his love).  When we see a jack-o-lantern we can think about God!

At nap time we turned out all the lights to see our pumpkin glow!

Later we passed around a pumpkin bucket and chanted a poem.

“Pumpkin, pumpkin, going ’round

Take out a letter and say the sound”

When the poem ended the person holding the bucket had to take out a phonogram card and we all said the sound.

We described pumpkins using our five senses.

We also read a book called Sixteen Runaway Pumpkins and then did an experiment to see how differently a pumpkin and a ball can move.

Who knew pumpkins could teach us so much?

November Dates

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Another month has gone by so quickly!  Here are some important upcoming dates:

Wednesday, October 31 – Fall Colours Dress Up Day (no costumes, please) + hot lunch (if pre-ordered last week)

Tuesday, October 30 – Thursday, November 1 – Scholastic Book Fair in school lobby

Thursday, November 1 – Winter uniform begins (so, no more shorts and sandals)

Monday, November 5 – Class photos (full dress uniform required)

Monday, November 12 – No School (Remembrance Day holiday)

Tuesday, November 20 – Pajama Day

Wednesday, November 21 – SWR Parent Seminar (3:15-4:15)  More information to follow

Wednesday, November 28 – Knight Day




Thumb Ball Fun

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We played a fun game this morning with these thumb balls I found at Dollarama.  First, I divided the children into small groups and gave each group a thumb ball.  Then the children gently tossed the thumb ball to each other.  The person who caught the ball had to look at the number that their thumbs were touching and say it.   It was a great way to review our numbers!