Tuesday PJ day

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Hello Parents,

The snow days seem so long ago and we had 3 great days back in the classroom this past week. Before we are about to start another week I want to give you a quick review and update.

We had a fun trip to the Wayland gymnastics on Monday, using a variety of gym equipment we normally have no access to.

Thank you for your support in sending your kids to the grade 5s bake sale. They had a success in raising money and fun while doing it.

We learned some big words this week: Hibernating, migrating, adapting. Since we have never seen a bear or goose at Walmart buying some winter clothes, we explored a bit more what some animals do during the cold winter.We also took time to reflect on what we learned so far in kindergarten by looking through our own duo tangs. (Just in case you were wondering why I sent home a gingerbread booklet, let me explain: Going through all our work, the kids came across their very own and loved ginger bread booklet and as you may know, this story was a big hit 🙂 Since I had some extra booklets, some students took an extra one to continue the fun at home). Enjoy the pictures below with the ‘How many bears are in the cave’ math game and the self reflection time.

   I found two little bear cubs in our very own bear cave

Here some things for the coming week:

Tuesday is Pajama Day. Kids can wear their comfy pj’s to school. If they choose not to wear their pj they wear their regular uniform.

Wednesday, report cards should be all ready for you to take home.



Back to school after the snow week

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Dear families,


I hope you all enjoyed these snow days that turned into a snow week for our ptk class! We will have to take some time on Monday to hear the kids’ snow stories as I’m sure there are many 🙂   In our house there were tears for so many canceled schooldays. There was joy too as we had time for activities that usually don’t get much attention during a full school week like drawing, knitting, and we also brought out the sewing machine (my girls helped me making marble mazes for our classroom – in picture below).

Here are the happenings for this coming week, besides us discovering what some of the animals do during the cold winter:

  • Monday January 20 is our field trip to the Wayland Gymnastics. Students can wear play clothes (they can wear the knight shirt if they want but it is not required). Our bus will leave right at 9:05 and we will come back at 10:30. Parents feel free to come and watch but younger siblings can’t participate.
  • Tuesday, January 21 Mrs. Goosen & Mrs. Riley’s Grade 5 class will be hosting the bake sale in the school lobby that they had to postpone due to the snow days.  The money raised will be used to purchase composting bins for the intermediate classrooms and support the Guatemala missions team. All items will be $1.  Thank you for your support!
  • Wednesday, January 22 we will have Welcome Wednesday again and Bible verse N will be tested.

Have a blessed Sunday and we’ll see you on Monday

Mrs. Ellis


(there is a marble in each fabric maze that can be pushed and pressed around- a simple activity that my kids like and maybe yours will as well 🙂 )



Great First Week!

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Dear parents,

I enjoyed seeing the students again back in our Kindergarten classroom. It was a full week with an added assembly, an eye and ear check up, and thinking very hard like the squirrel in our story to come up with a New Years Resolution.

I have not much new info to share, just a few cute pictures from your kids rediscovering the toys in our room.

  • This coming Wednesday we will be doing Welcome Wednesday again.
  • Thursday is not our regular school day but some of you are at the school for siblings. Therefore I still post the message from the Grade 5 teachers as they have a fun project we can help them with: On Thursday, January 16th Mrs. Goosen & Mrs. Riley’s Grade 5 class will be hosting a bake sale in the school lobby.  The money raised will be used to purchase composting bins for the intermediate classrooms and support the Guatemala missions team. All items will be $1.  Thank you for your support! 

Happy early weekend

Mrs. Ellis

Welcome to 2020!

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Dear families,

I hope you had a good Christmas break with special family times and a good start into the new year 2020! I’m excited to see all your kids again tomorrow, starting a new leg in the kindergarten year with them.

Just a few things for you to know

Please send the pillow and gym shoes back to school with your child.

Library day and pizza day will continue as usual on the Tuesday.

Bible memory verse: before the break the M verse was sent home and this coming week we will focus on it. I will test the kids on Wednesday. If that paper got lost amongst all the Christmas cards, just let me know and I can get you a new one.

Fraser Health Unit: On Wednesday, first thing in the morning, we will have a team from the Public Health Unit come to check our Kindergarten student’s vision and hearing. (If you made alternative arrangements with the Public Health Unit, after receiving their letter in December, just let me know). Therefore we won’t be having a Welcome Wednesday that day. But a shelf full of fresh books are waiting to be read to your kids for the following week 🙂

See you tomorrow

Mrs. Ellis

Christmas Concert Tomorrow and Thank Yous

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Dear Parents,

what a full 3 days we had with these little elfs in the classroom from making wrapping paper, decorating gingerbread boys and gingerbread girls, making and wrapping gifts, while also rehearsing for the Christmas concert.

Thank you for all your generosity in sending decorations for our gingerbread activity and food for our food drive these past weeks. As a school we reached the goal of collecting over 20 000 points in food for the salvation army! YAY!

Along these lines I also want to thank you for the generous gifts and notes I was blessed with by you and your children! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Tomorrow is our Christmas concert. The dress rehearsal starts at 9:15 in the gym. Please drop off your child in the classroom as usual at or around 9 and pick up around 10:15. Please do feed them lunch at home and be back at the classroom by 12:30. This will give you some time to get a seat, as usually this concert is very well attended. After the concert you can pick up your child at the classroom. Dress code for the concert is something dark (navy or black, can be jeans and t-shirt or also a dress) so that the shiny stars, the kids will be wearing on their heads, can stand out.


please empty your child’s locker for the holiday break. This is a good time to wash the pillow and have it all fresh for the new year and check those gym shoes as we have many growing little feet 🙂

See you tomorrow

Martina Ellis

week before Christmas break info

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Dear Parents,

Here we go, last week before Christmas is just about here, and with that some info for you.

We had a fun outing to the gymnastic this passed Monday and the hardest thing was to catch all these moving little bodies on the fun equipment on a photo :). Another gymnastic outing awaits us in January. Also thank you to Denver’s mom, Ashley, for coming in to share about their fun family Christmas tradition. Ask your child what Denver gets to look for on his Christmas tree.

A letter from Fraser Health came home informing you about a checkup for your child during the first week back to school in January. If you have any concerns, or are absent, please get in touch with the Health Unit.

This week you also had a ‘Interview with Grandparents‘ sheet in the folder. This is an opportunity for your child to connect with a grandparent (his/her own or a borrowed one) to hear how some things have changed and some things stayed the same.

I’m planning to decorate gingerbread men with the kids this coming week and am asking you to send along a ziplock bag of little treats we could use for decorations. It doesn’t have to be much, just so that we have variety, thank you.

In the coming week, we will also have several rehearsal times with the other elementary classes, for the Christmas concert on the 19th. Thank you for making it possible for your child to attend the dress rehearsal on Thursday morning at 9:15-10:15. They all work hard on these songs and lines and are happy to perform them for you all on Thursday 1pm (please bring your child to the classroom at 12:30).

Dress code for the Christmas concert is dark pants and dark shirts (kids are little stars and will wear a headband with a bright star on it. For girls, pigtails and pony tails won’t work so well, please keep hair in a braid or down.

Finally you arrived at the pictures. Enjoy


Field trip to Wayland Gymnastics tomorrow

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Hello Parents,

Before we jump into our second last school week prior the Christmas holiday, I want to give you a quick  update on the happenings in the ptk class.

Tomorrow, Monday December 9th, we are going on the field trip to the Wayland gymnastics. Our class will leave with the bus right away at 9:05. First thing in the morning, your child can come into the classroom with the jacket on. Please still put their backpacks into the locker as we come back to school for snack time. Kids wear play clothes for the day. In the gymnastics kids are required to participate bare foot, so please no tights on these cute feet! If your child wants to wear the new Knight shirt, this is an option but is not required.

You had a paper in the folder for sharing one or more of your family holiday traditions. We will take time this week to share with the class once the form comes back to school. I will share some of my Swiss traditions as well and will bring some goodies to taste.

A big thank you for your generosity towards our school’s food drive! We had the first filled boxes taken from our room and it was also a good way to introduce tallying.

And just in case you have’t marked your calendar yet, please do so with the extra dress rehearsal on Thursday, Dec. 19th from 9:15-10:15 and Christmas concert that same day (kids have to be in class at 12:30, concert is from 1-2ish)

Thanks for reading all the way, now enjoy some pictures and we will see you tomorrow.

Mrs. Ellis


December is here! Knights Shirts, Christmas Concert, please read on

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Dear Parents,

this was our last week in November and December is here. YAY!

Thank you all for doing the homework sheet with your kindergartener. All students had time to share and show their picture. It is so fun for them to share and hear how each family enjoyes different things. This week we talked about helping hands in our family and in the journal, the students drew things they help you out at home. The page that was sent home in your folder can help to stir on some conversations along these lines as well. Of course there is room for a picture on the back if your child wants to add a colourful touch. We will take time again to share with the class and encourage these helping hands.

I have a stack of knights shirts, one for each of our class member. These are t-shirts with the Highroad logo which the other classes get to wear on the designated Knights Days. Since Knights Days are on Fridays we usually don’t get a chance to wear these shirts. From now on we will be able to have our own Knights Days so watch for posts on the blog about this. I will send the t-shirts home along with the folder on Monday.

On Monday December 9th (not this coming up Monday but the following week), we are going to the Wayland Sports Gymnastics and the kids will wear casual clothes for that day. If they want to wear their new knights shirt they are welcome to, but this is not mandatory.

Looking forward to the Christmas concert I have some additional things for your calendar. Our last day in PTK before Christmas break is December 18th, however we are also participating in the Christmas Concert with the other primary classes and therefore will be part of the dress rehearsal and concert on Thursday, December 19th. The dress rehearsal is from 9:15- 10:15. For the concert, the students should be dropped off in the classroom by 12:30 (they should have had their lunch at that point). During the concert, while our class is not on stage, we will sit as a class together in the same row. At the end of the concert the students can be picked up in the class room most likely around 2pm.

Also during December I would like to give opportunity for some of you to share family holiday traditions you do with your family, that might be new to others. I will be sharing some of my Swiss traditions with the class as well. If you would be interested in coming in to the kindergarten one morning or afternoon please let me know and we can plan further details together.

Stay warm on these windy days and enjoy the pictures from this lovely bunch.

Mrs. Ellis



Family page, Food Drive and more

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Dear Parents,

We can look back to a great week here in the PTK classroom. Applesauce making with Mrs. Morris was such a great way to get the week started and having so many cute cowgirls and cowboys here on Wednesday was a lot of fun too! Come have a look at all the family trees that have grown in the room.

There were 3 papers in the home folder yesterday:

  • The bible memory verse -Thank you for your continuous support to hide the Word in our little one’s hearts.
  • Field Trip Form to Wayland Sport Gymnastics – thanks for returning the permission slip
  • A hand out “When I’m with my family, we like to …” – This paper can be done in many different ways. You can write, draw and let your child colour, your child draws, siblings draw, one activity or many different ones, etc… my hope is that this can stir on some fun family conversations. Please send this page back and we will have time for each student to share.

November 25th Highroad Academy is starting a school wide Food Drive partnering with The Salvation Army going right up to Christmas break. We are having a goal to reach 20 000 points. For each food item the students bring in we get points. Our class is in the ‘Mac and Cheese group’ along with some other grades. That means for each Mac and Cheese box that is donated, we get 5 points. Other food items are welcome as well of course, but will give us 1 point per item. Thank you for your generosity!

For our family theme we started an ‘Antique Roadshow and tell‘ where the students get the opportunity to bring an item that is older than they are. Maybe you still have a toy, blanket, shoes, etc from when you were a child and any of these items would be great for this show and tell. The students are taking turns and will bring home a show and tell bag. Once you get this bag, all the instructions are in a duo tang inside. Please fill it out and send it back to school the following day. Thank you for your participation.

Have a great weekend

Mrs Ellis


Bring an Apple for Monday, Western Dress Up on Wednesday

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Dear Parents,


Some of your kiddos inspired me this past week by telling me all about their Christmas decorating. Now my weekend was spent doing that as well. It is funny how each year my kids say ‘the Christmas tree shrunk’ but really they did the growing and by now even the top of the tree gets some ornaments 🙂

Anyways, I hope you had a good weekend as well. Here are some infos for this coming week of Kindergarten.

Monday, November 18th – If possible, please send an apple to school with your child tomorrow. Mrs. Morris plans to come in for a visit (unless she feels not well) and has a yummy activity to share with us.

Tuesday, November 19th – Photo retake (if desired)

Wednesday, November 20th – Western dress up day. Kids can wear casual bottoms with a fun shirt, vest, and/ or hat. (Kids choosing not to participate can wear the uniform)

See you tomorrow

Mrs. Ellis